The Black knight …

One of my very first encounters with a truly wild black rhino in a truly wild expanse of wilderness. Nothing can prepare you for a chance meeting like this where you are least expecting it.As a nature lover and wildlife photographer we sometimes can try and predict many things while capturing images and experiencing nature but the one thing that we do need luck with is finding that elusive subject, at the right time an place. Realising nature has its own script is what makes me appreciate this type of encounter even more.

The complete lack of golden light at the end of dusk approaches makes shooting images like these for black and white a big challenge. I see many images that are poorly exposed in colour being given a “treatment” in some form of monochrome, black and white, sepia etc with some even winning prestigious awards.

the Black knight

the Black knight

For me personally, it is a challenge to try to expose and design the foundation image in the field for use later on in post-production. Working with your camera and light becomes critical to #creating an image that will capture your moods and thoughts at that moment. You need to consider what you need to convey and what techniques you will need in the workflow at a later stage. I love using the dodge and burn tool to create this feeling and its been the secret that most do not know.

Over time my personal preference and ‘style’ for the lack of a better word has led to some strange comments and suggestions. It is even more rewarding to realize that I can help inspire someone and help them form some independent thought over an image. My opinions are also sometimes completely misconstrued but I guess that is just the way of the world nowadays. A world where constructive comments and personal opinions no longer hold merit and are just looked at as some form of jealous and negative commentary. Just the other day I had to use a dictionary to look up a descriptive word used.

I would like to take this moment to share the above thoughts and hope those few individuals who may misconstrue the above paragraph, take the time and think about what there actions and comments could lead to. Think about things that are not emblazoned on social media and could form an integral part of this thinking. This is especially relevant to us as photographers …..we are a very sensitive bunch 🙂  I do not have a Ph.D. or any special training, believe it or not, just a crazed human being in love with his art.See the good in the voice.

As Always ,

Peace and Light – AA