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Andrew Aveley Online Shop – As a professional photographer, mentor, eductor I offer a wide range of services and products for all supporters and clients. This digital store is a place where you can see all of these and place and order and purchase the service or product without any issue and hassle free. Payment options include direct EFT and secure Credit Card via YOCO.

Please browse through this Andrew Aveley Online Shop and if you would like something not listed here, with regards to training or educating, please drop me message through the contact form please.

Andrew Aveley Online Shop

Canon Camera Training - ONLINE

The Ultimate Wildlife Photography Training - Lion Image

Canon Camera Training  – Get personal first hand training on how to use your camera to the full extent for any application or genre of photography. Training is for one photographer (Group training on request)

Basic setup, focus systems and introduction to video settings. Specific training can also be given to suit your own needs on request – R450.00 (60-75 minutes per session)

The Ultimate Wildlife Photography Training - Lion Image

Topaz Software – AI Image Quality Enhancer – Not every image or video requires exceptional image quality. For the ones that do, Topaz AI helps you achieve great results

Regular image processing “filters” your photo or video through complex math operations. This will often remove details and boost noise/artifacts. AI is fundamentally different: when used correctly it can actually enhance photo quality while keeping your image natural.

Photo editing by Andrew Aveley – This is a service to have your images edited professional and to ensure they reflect what you saw on the day. There are various options and types of editing available.

About Andrew Aveley

Photo Printing Service by Andrew Aveley – He is well versed in the details needed when printing your photos on canvas and photo paper. He has a specialist printing service that supplies prints directly to photographers.

Click on the link and see how you can benefit from this service

Drone Services - Aerial surveys & imagery in Mpumalanga

Drone Services – Aerial surveys & imagery in Mpumalanga – I am a registered and qualified RPAS Operator based in Mpumalanga, South Africa. By taking quality and safety seriously, I believe in engaging with my clients, local aviation authorities and industry role players,  to provide a reliable professional service for high quality inspections, aerial surveys and imagery.

About Andrew Aveley


Books by Andrew Aveley consist of both, personally designed coffee table books, training manuals and digital downloads  all created by Andrew .

Photo Printing Service by Andrew Aveley


Prints by Andrew Aveley – All of the work made available by Andrew Aveley through this website are all original pieces created by him in an ethical and professional manner.

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