Andrew Aveley – Wildlife & Nature Photographer in Africa

Sometimes colour and light is all you need to feel that special closeness to truth, peace and natures spirit – Andrew Aveley

Andrew Aveley – Wildlife & Nature Photographer in Africa


Know the why…

The night sky is full of light, even if it looks so empty and void of life.

Taking yourself to a place where you can see inside your soul and find the direction you need, can sometimes be lonely.

You never must discard the people who can help you find that direction and whether you know it or not, they have an impact.

To me, Africa holds many a place that will help you find it is what you are looking for and answers to questions you still don’t have. The light of the night sky and the stars have always kept me company.

The time spent under them has been not always been with a clear and calm mind, but when I finally go to sleep, the peace and happiness of that moment is with me and slowly helps me move forward.

Know why you do the things you do. Emotionally and mentally, you will be stronger and survive the hardships of your journey as you move forward in life.

Live in the light