Professional Drone Services for Wildlife Estates, Game Lodges, and Reserves in South Africa


Professional Drone Services by Andrew Aveley – I am a registered and qualified RPAS Operator based in Mpumalanga, South Africa. I am uniquily qualified and able to fly day/night, upto 1000ft (300m) AGL (above ground level) and under the current ROC holder, 3000m.

I work independently under the RPAS Operating Certificate of a company licenced by the SACAA. I also have many years of experience with photo and video content collection as a professional photographer to add amazing value to any project.

The service I offer is professional and trusted, for Wildlife estates, Game lodges, and Game reserves throughout South Africa. With extensive experience and knowledge in providing drone services for video, photo, and high-resolution mapping, and being fully licensed and insured, herby ensuring you can trust me to provide the best service possible.

Legal and Insured Drone Services

As a professional, understand the importance of legal and insured drone services. That’s why all of the services are fully legal and insured, giving you peace of mind and ensuring that your wildlife estate, game lodge, or game reserve is protected from any potential issues that may arise.

High-Quality Video and Photography

If you’re looking to capture stunning aerial footage of your wildlife estate, game lodge, or game reserve, our drone services are the perfect solution. Using the latest technology to capture high-quality video and photography, ensuring that you can showcase your property in the best possible light.

Drone Services - Photo, Video and Surveying

Drone flying has started becoming more and more popular as they offer many opportunities such as agricultural mapping, aerial surveys & imagery, media photography and any other perimeter work in Mpumalanga etc.

The legal requirements are clear and there is no grey area with regard to the use of drone content. If anyone from the pilot to the end user receives and monetary gain through advertising (directly or indirectly), Facebook, Instagram, YouTube channels or any other service, the content must be captured by a registered RPAS Operator.

By taking quality and safety seriously, I believe in engaging with my clients, local aviation authorities and industry role players,  to provide a reliable professional service for high quality inspections, aerial surveys and imagery.

High-Resolution Mapping

In addition to video and photography, there is also an option to offer high-resolution mapping services. The experienced team can create detailed maps of your wildlife estate, game lodge, or game reserve, providing you with valuable insights and data that can help you make informed decisions about your property.

Based in the Lowveld Region of South Africa

The drone services are based in the Lowveld region of South Africa, which is known for its incredible wildlife and stunning landscapes. I fully understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with providing drone services in this area, and I am fully equipped to handle any situation.

“Andrew Aveley’s drone services are simply amazing. The level of detail and clarity in his aerial photos and videos is truly impressive, and he has a keen eye for capturing unique and stunning shots.

I recently hired Andrew for a large video and photographic project, and his footage really helped to showcase the Uproperty in a way that traditional photos couldn’t.

I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for high-quality drone footage.”

Michael W

Project Manager, Ludwig Hansen

Professional Drone Services