Drone Services – Aerial surveys & imagery in Mpumalanga


Drone Services – Aerial surveys & imagery in Mpumalanga by Andrew Aveley – I am a registered and qualified RPAS Operator based in Mpumalanga, South Africa. I work independently under the RPAS Operating Certificate of Saphire Blue Drones and Training Services, the only Nelspruit/Lowveld fully insured safe service provider, licenced by the SACAA. I also have many years of experience with photo and video content collection as a professional photographer.

Drone Services - Photo, Video and Surveying

Drone flying has started becoming more and more popular as they offer many opportunities such as agricultural mapping, aerial surveys & imagery, media photography and any other perimeter work in Mpumalanga etc.

The legal requirements are clear and there is no grey area with regard to the use of drone content. If anyone from the pilot to the end user receives and monetary gain through advertising (directly or indirectly), Facebook, Instagram, YouTube channels or any other service, the content must be captured by a registered RPAS Operator.

By taking quality and safety seriously, I believe in engaging with my clients, local aviation authorities and industry role players,  to provide a reliable professional service for high quality inspections, aerial surveys and imagery.

Drone Services – Aerial surveys & imagery in Mpumalanga

All flights include any special CAA clearance, Field ops manuals and flight plans. Please note legal clearances vary from 1 day to 14 working days so planning is crucial.

Flight services I can offer:

  • Real Estate and Lodge Projects
  • Golf Courses
  • Wildlife and Nature Content – (Responsible Practices and projects only)
  • Events and Functions
  • Building site inspections and project documenting
  • Property mapping
  • Farming and crop inspections
  • Pylon Inspections
  • Site mapping

Optional Photo/Video Services


Professional Drone Services