About Andrew Aveley 

About Andrew Aveley – You should know I love sharing my knowledge, experience and passion. To experience the true moments of Africa , I offer personal guidance, photography mentorship, personal travel experiences and unbridled Wildlife Photography or Safari experiences …..

Are you ready to start a journey of light?

Do you want to experience more than just taking a photo when you are in the bush, if so the lets #changethenarrative and create a new way of learning and growing your passion of capturing light.

If you feel you are ready for the next step in your photography, let me plan an experience that you will not forget, regret but remember for many many years.

My workshops, mentorship experiences or safaris are comprised of things that you won’t find on youtube or google, and for that matter anywhere else in the world of wildlife photography.

You don’t have to start at the most remote, exclusive or amazing destination money can buy to understand light and connect with Africa. Passion and creativity is found where ever you are. I love sharing and creating photographers who can connect with nature and understand the beauty of African Light.

The camera brand you use is also not relevant to understanding what I share. I don’t intimidate or criticise your choices of equipment but will ensure you can see the amazing beauty in front of you instead.

The use of light is key and the editing process is second only to this key factor.

Conservation has a special place in my heart so I enjoy using my passion to help where possible.

Please consider joining me on a #ajourneyoflight

About Andrew Aveley

Learn more about Andrew and his driving passion to share, guide and empower photographers with knowledge.


About Andrew Aveley

It is always important to hear from some of the amazing people that have spent time with Andrew.

About Andrew Aveley


Andrew remains a humble and passionate and these quality’s form part of his amazing achievments