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A blog of a difference and more specific , with my own very personal thoughts and ideals regarding our responsibility towards nature , wildlife and all things we as nature photographers capture through our lenses .

In South Africa of late there have been a number of conservation petitions , marches calling for various things to change regarding the scourge of poaching , illegal animal parts being trading etc Some people have criticised me for joining these “crazies” on these protests . Some even mentioned that it could effect my photographic business in a negative way as people may look at me as “one of the crazy bunny huggers” . (well if only they knew ) . If they just realised that the message that needs to be conveyed is not a personal one , but one that can help lead to change and solutions for our wildlife.


The Crazies……….

This got me thinking and during the recent Global March for Elephants , Rhino’s and Lions in Sandton on the 04 October , I realised that a simple March / Protest like this with like minded people and friends was achieving things that many don’t see. Yes , loud chanting , waving placards , seeing some celebrities hanging with the “crazies ” and holding up traffic in one of the wealthiest square kilometres in Africa was great fun but for me there was so much more. Before I get to that , below is a short slide show of images that i captured during the event.

[pix_slideshow data_slideshow=’lionele’]

I was quite proud of my boys , who are 10 and 13 for deciding that they needed to March and help create awareness of the plight of our wildlife. Quiet cool that they have not been brainwashed by any crazies (well besides me)  and have a mature understanding of the plight that the wildlife are facing in Africa. Josh , my eldest even had the balls to get ahead of the march to show that he is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in.  I didn’t appreciate having to run up the hill ahead of him to get a pic that he could use in his first photo book to show his friends that each and everyone of us can make a change…… I am proud that I did and below is the image.


So , what did I learn , realise and understand …….

  • Being there and seeing the number of children and parents taking part . This shows me that we have good values and understanding in at least some of the younger generation to fight to keep our Wildlife for generations to come.
  • Listening to a 6 year old chap shouting through a loud hailer expecting adults to listen and effect change was quite incredible.
  • The incredible diversity of cultures and personalities taking part , reminded me of the “rainbow nation ” and true spirit of Ubuntu that our country is capable of having when looking out for the African Heritage we share.
  • People have moral values and passion towards our wildlife and are not afraid to stand up and be heard.
  • People who rely on our Wildlife and Nature for there lively hood should stand up and be heard. Not just take take take….


  • One needs lots of water and good shoes to walk in the midday heat and the hills looker steeper than they are .

If you can , make a difference . No matter how small each and every voice heard will add pressure to create the change we so desperately need to protect out heritage and wildlife.

Peace and Light – AA