Why print your images

Let us take a moment and step away from your digital image library and think of why you as a photographer should print your images and not have a hard drive full of memories that 99,9 percent of people will never ever see. That includes you as the photographer…..

I  divide photography into three stages. 

Seeing, creating and capturing an image ||| Developing that image ||| Physical production of the printed image




So the reasons you should print your work in my humble option are as follows …

  • Can and will help improve your photography by letting you see your digital creation in a tangible and tactile way
  • You will improve your editing/development skills  
  • It will inspire you to get out and create more works
  • You will have pride and get satisfaction from the print and your passion
  • Socially you can share it around and get feedback
  • You bring the digital image to life giving it a place in the physical dimension
  • You have a physical back up of your image and is there for life
  • PROFIT – yes that’s what’s important to for your customers (Professionals) and selling your work



By printing your own work you can get the following benefits

  • Full control of your images – no data sharing
  • Great flexibility – Choice of papers and time
  • Speed – see the results immediately and not have to wait a few days for a lab
  • Consistency – Same workflow to printer, papers, and inks
  • Quality Control – You are in control of the quality
  • PROFIT – yes that’s what’s important to for your customers and selling your work


Don’t stagnate with your digital archives. Get out and create prints and even phonebooks to share your journey or adventure


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Peace and light – AA