Why I chose Canon

Every photographer has his or her favourite brand that for them is the best. Some like myself are total fanboys and will be that guy who is the one in a group that gets the flack for being vocal about it. For the record, I do not and will NEVER just be a dick about any other brand that my clients or friends use. We each have our own reasons and ideas of what is best suited to the needs of our photography.

Choosing a specific brand for me is not just about the best price, deal or what the professionals say I must buy. It has gone way beyond that in recent years when having to make critical decisions on equipment. I am asked regularly what to buy in a camera brand, Canon, brand X and brand Y. The main consideration has been to look at the bigger picture from a service and reliability point of view but of late that has been just a minor point when recommending the brand to someone. It for me has become largely for what the brand offers the consumer and does it have any social responsibility programs.



So I guess you can say that is one of the reasons I have decided to write this piece on what I believe is one of the best camera brands out there. Yes if you did not know it before, you will now know that CANON is my brand of choice. I must admit the main reason for the support of this; my brand is the people who are behind the scenes in Canon South Africa and make the brand one to stay loyal to even through times of G.A.S (gear acquisition syndrome). This is when new technology from another brand seems to be more advanced and seemingly ‘more’ suited for your specific photographic need.

At this point, I remind myself of why I am with Canon and not any other specific camera manufacturer besides what I have mentioned before about the actual people. The Canon system is not just about the camera, but it is the complete system that one is able to use from the camera, to software to print media and finally the actual printing of the final product.

Recently I was privileged to share my passion with close on 2700 avid photographers (not all Canon) at the annual Roadshow they present in South Africa (Cape Town, Durban & Johannesburg) and a further 230 East London, Port Elizabeth and George). The platform was there for myself and 2 other presenters to inspire all attendees with information and details on how to be better photographers. I took this as a major responsibility and used the opportunity to inspire as best I can. The feedback has been positive and I may have succeeded just a little in achieving my goal. Thank you to all those that felt inspired and shared their support.




This is a Japanese word that means living and working together for the common good. This is the foundation of the CANON philosophy.

Along with the attendees, I found myself even more inspired and proud of the brand when I saw the presentation by Roger and Abri from CANON head office on what the future trends and developments were. This aside, when they showed and expressed CANON’S ethos of “giving back” I was totally humbled and inspired by the following things that they have done in the last 18 months. I will try and list them all below:

Social Responsibilities:

  • (The Great American Trek) in aid of Kind Cuts for Kids and Doctors without borders.
  • Children’s Flight – 5 Children’s homes getting first flight in an aircraft
  • SADGA (SA Disabled Golf Association)
  • Disable Children Home – Meet the Hero’s (Springbok Rugby)
  • Sponsorships to various schools in the form of photographic equipment and through this assist them to set up a photographic society/club
  • Canon Segametsi SOLAR Light Project
  • Sea Bird Children’s Educational Project
  • Beyond the Lemonade Stand, which identifies and supports young entrepreneurs in the country.
  • ‘Street Photography’ project through which they assist in creating job opportunities
  • The Reach for a Dream organization equipment sponsor
  • Wild Shots Outreach Program – an NPO which engages with young people in nature and conservation through photograph

Services offered to photographers

  • 2 Year warranty on equipment
  • 3 National service centers for repairs etc
  • CPS – Canon professional services
  • Free sensor blowouts and cleans
  • How’s about a weekend fling – Canon EOS M5 & M6 Loans
  • Numerous sales and product specials
  • Currently, South Africa is one of the top 3 places to buy Canon cameras in the world for affordability

Free Workshops:

  • Beginner DSLR workshop (Selected models)
  • Canon Focus Systems
  • Digital Photo Professional
  • Food Photography Sessions
  • Red Bus Tours – Cape Town
  • Professional Print Sessions
  • Model / Fashion Shows

So now you know what has  made me choise to stay with this brand of camera equipment. There is alwas a lot  more than just a camera to do the job.

Peace and Light – AA