Gyps coprotheres and Canis mesomelas , photographed interactin at Giants Castle , Drankensburg , South Africa. A top a isolated mountain plateu there is a unique Vulture feeding station that is only accesible along a dirt track and up narrow mountain pass through the use of 4 x 4 vehicle. It is used to help in the research and growth of a dwindling population of Cape Vultures in South Africa. Carcasses of dead animals are place atop the cliff and left for natural predation by these raptors… A small population of black back jakals interact on a regular basis to steal scraps . On this morning, it was no different ……with only a handfull of vultures landing to collect left overs of a horse carcass, some smaller bones and sections of shin were being defended with tanasity and determination. The Jackal was intent on stealling all the pieces and not leting the Vultures feed……Small quantities of bones are also supplied to visitors who brave cold winter pre dawn light to sit in a hide a 100 m away to capture uinique images. These are mainley used to attract other endangered raptors like the Black Eagle , Bearded Vulture and Jackal Buzzard.This is a well documented research area for variuos organistations and it is a unique place to view natural interaction between species. It has shown good progress with the increase in numbers of feathered visitors over the last few years