To dance with a Maasai ….

When I think of visiting Kenya , not only the animals are important to me but the people of the land , the genuine Maasai. I was privileged to capture this image of a ceremonial dance in Amboseli early this year while on a photographic adventure .


At the end of the 15 min display , some guests were asked to join the young Maasai warriors in the rhythmic chanting and movement…… I can hear the low hum and the pounding foot steps on the ground…..

Here is Pierre getting some hang time and getting into a rhythmic motion. After this incredible display and moment , we were treated to a traditional goat meal cooked on the open flames at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro .An Iconic place and incredible destination for any photographer and traveler.

Join me on a unique trip mixing the culture with Wildlife and landscapes. Drop me a note from my contact page with your details for yourself or a small group of 6 or 8 persons.


Until then , Peace and Light – AA