Tim an Amboseli Giant

If you search the web you will see many iconic images of Amboseli with the tallest freestanding mountain as the perfect backdrop.

I have always been inspired by world renowned photographer , Nick Brandt who has captured the ultimate images that define Amboseli . I have read and research much of the information available to get a an idea of what to expect. As you well know , sometime nothing can prepare you for the moment or destination. I was in complete overload seeing the majestic Kilimanjaro with its Elephants.

Quintessential Amboseli





Shot Information

Handheld from a photographic vehicle.

Canon 5D MK III | 24 – 105 mm F 4 @ 40 mm | F 11 | ISO 800 | 1/160th | EXP Comp +1

Single exposure , full frame . Waited for 30 m for Elephants to merge out of the forest area on route to the marsh area for the days feeding. Composition to capture Kilimanjaro want the famous Amboseli elephants.Post processing in Lightroom 4 with light graduated filter added on top third to balance the exposure as exposure compensation used to provide details in the subject due to the harsh side lighting.

I have also read many articles and online information of the few true African Elephant Tuskers that roam the national park and surrounds but due to unbelievable greed from poachers they are targeted for the magnificent tusks. On our last day in the park , we spotted what looked like a large tusker deep in a swamp. Tim an Amboseli Giant.

We sat for some time but he was in no rush to move in either direction. A decision was made after rolling the dice that we would go for our lunch break and then rerun and hope he had moved closer within range of our lenses.What an amazing site as we got back 3 hours later……he was there in the open grazing and moving slowly towards us……One of the biggest tuskers that I or any of the guests had ever seen.

Amboseli Giant





Shot Information

On a bean bag , from a photographic vehicle

Canon 5D MK III | 500 mm F 4  | F 10 | ISO 400 | 1/320th | EXP Comp +1

Single exposure , full frame . Post processing in Lightroom 4 with basic workflow

Not all wildlife enthusiasts believe that giving animals names is a good thing. For me , it adds character and makes the subject more that just another of its species. I was sure  magnificent elephant bull like this would have some name and or history. I went back to my research and found a interesting site dedicated to Amboseli Elephants , ELEPHANT TRUST and found out the following info on this big fella and his name is “Tim”

  • Born in 1969
  • Family Group – TD (T from letter of the alphabet and because of Matriarch “Torn Ear” and D is the group in the T – Families)
  • First seen in woodland area of Amboseli called “Ol Tukai Orok”
  • Spent many years outside park in Kimana , an area now effected by human activities and poaching
  • One of 13 independent males from this family group at present.

One of my favourite images from this amazing adventure

“Tim” in Monochrome


Gentle Giant…..



Shot Information

Bean bag rest from a photographic vehicle

Canon 5D MK III | 500 mm F 4 @ 40 mm | F 4| ISO 400| 1/2500th | EXP Comp +1

Single Exposure .Post processing in Lightroom 4 with light black n white module and selective brush .

So , if you are going to be traveling and experiencing Africa , do some research and look for information about the destination and your subjects to have the edge !

Peace and Light – AA