The Survivor – Thandi the rhino 

The Survivor – Thandi the Rhino has her name derived from an African word meaning ” loved one”.

A fitting name for a true survivor of the scourge of senseless poaching of rhino horn in South Africa. I first photographed this amazing animal in late 2011 on a reserve in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

A few months later I received a devastating message that the reserve had become a statistic and rhinos had been poached. I shared a personal blog on that experience titled “400” the slaughter continues which includes a few images and insights. Since then, the story of Thandi has become international news with much written and published about the care given and the recovery of this beautiful Rhino. To the point where she has successfully given life to a new rhino calf named Thembe. The old cliche just needs to be shared ….” mother and baby doing fine ” as Thembi turned 1 year old this week.

I managed to visit the reserve about 2 years after the incident and had an incredible encounter with Thandi where I managed some new images. The best part of the whole experience is that my two young sons got to see and feel the power of nature and see how she had recovered from the senseless attack for her horn. They were both moved and felt a sense of pride knowing that they could share this amazing story with their friends and children that would not have the opportunity to see her.

Since moving my life into a direction to follow my passion as a full-time photographic professional, I have been able to use the images captured to bring awareness to various aspects of conservation through sharing on social media and also in the sales of printed works. To this end, I have decided to create a small collection of images that I want to make available through a phenomenal local printer and friend in Knysna, Warren Fleming.

The portfolio will consist of five images  and will include a signed certificate of authenticity. It will be available in two media and styles. These will be available through the contact form at the bottom of this post

Thandi – The Collection


wide angle image of Thandi the rhino



wide angle shot of Thandi the rhino



Thandi the rhino in monochrome



Thandi the rhino in a centre composition



Low angle of Thandi the rhino


Please contact me on the form below to enquire on availability and options.

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