The Medium

One will find a wide variety of opinions and definitions of “black and white’ photography . Trying to find the perfect definition I have found is not that easy . I recently chatted to an old friend who has great knowledge and technical depth when it comes to true black and white photography. He has shot in film and developed his own work so he was a good sounding board and he added great food for thought.

Its been something I have tried to define over the last few months and to be honest , I have not had much success in finding a true definition in my own mind. This weekend I had some time away so I could just rethink the changes that I am facing over the next few months from a personal and business point of view.  And I was quite surprised to find an answer in a simple frame of light not only for my ‘definition’ of my black and white work , but also a really fresh perspective on people and how life is ever changing.




The ongoing shades of contrast and the colour black and white make it something that is just that , ongoing and full of change and not a constant. I am not sure if that makes a whole lot of sense but thats how I feel it in words . I am sure many would disagree and try and force some preconceived notion on how it should be or what it is but lets agree to disagree ! If you choose the dark contrasts , high key , sepia , duotone and or monochrome styles of black and white ,  you maybe missing out on a wider space of the medium.

When creating photography we need to explore and find our own meaning in our work and not just be sheep and focus on what everyone else is doing. Yes you should get the basics down and shoot images that conform to a perceived norm , but DONT get stuck and loose creative spirit. How to grow is up to you and how you feel about your work.

Keep searching for the epic and you will find peace and light always – AA