So I have been asked many interesting questions regarding birds and the basics when photographing them. Instead of trying to re-design the wheel I had a small epiphany………………..a good friend of mine , Robbie Aspeling recently published a comprehensive book and it covers just about everything you may need to know about getting started . An its not only for amateur togs but anyone wanting to capture a cool bird image.

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This is the outlay of what it covers from Robbie himself

” I wrote the book as a guideline to togs who wanted to enter the realm of bird photography. It takes many years to master the small little techniques and skills that are very specific to avian photography and I thought that a guide like this would share what I have learnt over the last 30 years. Many birders today also want to capture the birds that they see and the fact that they are not photographers as such, would give them a much longer learning curve. This guide is a reference and can ensure that the learning process is considerably shortened as well as giving many hints and tips to ensure that the captured photographs are of a much higher level than the happy snappers.It covers the general requirements of bird photography, recommends the correct equipment and discusses the equipment to give an understanding of what is available. It deals with exposure and how to obtain the correct exposure, histograms and exposure compensation. It explores camera settings, field techniques and then the composition of the images. It is a pretty comprehensive guide with colour photographs and drawings for the person venturing out into Avian Photography.”

So know you have access to where to get quality and practical information , please feel free to drop the author a mail at and it only cost R149 bucks ! If you are based in the Southern Cape  go to my contacts page and I will hook you up with a copy.

Peace and Light – AA