Chobe Fisherman

We all see and read about the amazing wildlife and that can be photographed on the Chobe river. Being a main artery of life in Southern Africa , there is a lot more to this epic destination.

When you first cruise down the river towards the southern channel , you notice small dugout canoes on the banks and one or two men tending to there fishing nets , the chobe fisherman. This has been a way of life for many generations of the locals and is truly a matter of survival.


Shot Information – Canon 5D MK III – 400 F2.8 l MK II + 1.4 MK III Convertor = 560 mm F 7.1 +2/3 . Shot from custom photographic boat and Gimpro Chair and gimbal. Due to contrasty morning over cast light I experimented with monochrome

Being able to overnight in the Chobe reserve is a unique feature of our Wild Eye expeditions and with that I managed to travel quite some distance up the river and got to see some of the more remote locals. Late in the afternoon as they headed out to tend there nets , scenes like this of a lone fisherman in his “town car” made for some great moments. Not only did they smile but wave and share a warm welcome to there little patch of river.


Shot Information – Canon 1D MK III – 16-35 mm F2.8 @16 mm  (21 mm with crop factor)  ISO 560 F8 , +2/3 , handheld from custom photographic boat . Natural colours basic LR 4 processing

The size of the river makes some of the fisherman move out into the centre , far from the safety of the river bank. To cap this , they do it in a very narrow hollowed out tree and have incredible balance. Every movement is calculated and deliberate .Amazing to see and I held my breath more than once…….


Canon 1D MK III – 400 F2.8 l MK II + 1.4 MK III Convertor = 560 mm (728 mm with crop factor)ISO 1000  F 4 + 2/3 .Shot from custom photographic boat and Gimpro Chair and gimbal. Early morning light , soft and rich colours of the river.

Taking time out to look at the entire destination will often provide some unique and different images which can add to your portfolio. Take a little time on your next adventure to “change the way you see the world”

Peace and Light

Andrew Aveley