Southern Red-Billed Hornbill Nests in Kruger

Southern Red-Billed Hornbill Nests in Kruger National Park is a short video compilation taken by my son, Josh while on a Private Safari recently in the Kruger National Park at the amazing Shingwedzi Camp.

He was using the Canon RP paired with the RF 100-400 F5.6- F8 set in 4k but here is a reduced version to Full HD.

Early stages of nest building as this couple nest starts with collecting nesting material. They nests in natural tree cavities. The female will seal herself inside the cavity, using a mixture of mud and her own dung. To facilitate feeding, she will leave a small hole so the male can feed her and the chicks.

Southern Red-Billed Hornbill Incubation 

The female will incubate the two to seven eggs for around 24 days and she will remain in the nest with the chicks until the nest becomes too small. At this point, the female will let herself out and reseal the nest with the chicks inside. Then feeding of the chicks is done by both parents.

At around 45 days from hatching, the chicks will break out of the nest and start foraging with the parents a couple of days later. The Southern Red-Billed Hornbill (Tockus rufirostris) is a species of hornbill in the family Bucerotidae, which is native to the savannas and dryer bushlands of southern Africa.

The sexes are similar, but males are larger and heavier. Males also have somewhat longer bills, with the lower mandible coloured black to a variable extent. It is distinguishable from other red-billed hornbills by the combination of yellow iris and pale orbital skin (pink to greyish), and the ample blackish plumage streaking from the ear coverts to the side of the neck. The throat is white, and the wing coverts clearly spotted.

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Red Billed Hornbill Nesting in Kruger National Park