Tribes of the Omo Valley

9 days/8 Nights  – Photography Expedition to Ethiopia:

Tribes of the Omo Valley – This is an incredible opportunity to enjoy an original travel and photographic adventure with a professional photographer, Andrew Aveley. A once in a lifetime to experience the land forgotten by time and the Tribes of the Omo Valley in Ethiopia

What makes this different from other photographic tours and trips to the area?

  • As we are a small group the exclusive attention to detail and the photographers needs become paramount.
  • Andrew has negotiated with the leading travel provider in the country to offer this to fellow travellers with the best quality and service opportunities.
  • The operator has for several years also managed some of the worlds leading Photographic travel companies itineraries and logistics exclusively but has opted to support Andrew Aveley’s vision and sharing of photography to a wider market.

Tribes of the Omo Valley

Tribes of the Omo Valley

 For millennia, the Omo Valley has been inhabited by a kaleidoscopic variety of ethnic groups having rich and distinctive cultural identities. Tribes living in the more remote lower Omo Valley are among the most fascinating on the African continent. The Arbore, Ari, Bena, Bodi, Bumi, Dassanech, Dorze, Hamer, Kara, Kwegu, Mursi, Tsemay, and Turkana tribes are hidden beyond the cities and towns of modern life and their way of life is still largely untouched by modernity.

This is a true photographic adventure into the remote region of southern Ethiopia’s Omo Valley; one of the most culturally rich tribal regions on the African continent. Inspired by their habitat of lush vegetation, colourful trees and exotic flowers the people use the bright yellows, startling whites and red clay soils to paint each other’s bodies to create stunningly photogenic body costumes which at festival times are a walking body of art. For millennia, these tribes have been sheltered from much of the modern world in a place that is still primaeval, natural, and apparently ageless.

Tribes of the Omo Valley


This photo tour will visit tribes of the Omo valley. We will spend sufficient time in each location to ensure a deeper experience, which always produces more intimate and compelling images. As a fellow travellers/photographers in an amazing part of the world, I have retained flexibility in the itinerary to ensure we can immerse ourselves in spontaneous photographic opportunities that arise. The time spent in each village will depend on what activities are taking place and the richness of the photography. It is likely we will also meet several other tribes en route. I wish to give you the opportunity to photographically document their daily lives, capture stunning portraits, and experience some of their timeless ceremonies – truly be an experience of a lifetime!

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