Discover Ethiopia

18 days/17 Nights  – Photography Expedition to Ethiopia:

Discover Ethiopia – This is an incredible opportunity to enjoy an original travel and photographic adventure with a professional photographer, Andrew Aveley. This has been a destination much researched and planned for the ultimate photographic travel experience on a realistic budget, truly once in a lifetime

What makes this different from other photographic tours and trips to the area?

  • As we are a small group of minimum 4 and maximum 8, the affordability factor has been introduced
  • Andrew has negotiated with the leading travel provider in the country to offer this to fellow African travellers with best quality and service opportunities.
  • The operator has for several years also managed some of the worlds leading Photographic travel companies itineraries and logistics exclusively but has opted to support Andrew Aveley’s vision and sharing of photography to a wider market

Dates: 10th to 27th January 2019 ( Booking closes 31 October 2018) Subject to confirmation

Ethiopia provides an exciting and rare chance for photographers to document undiluted exotic ethnic traditions by centuries, colourful festivals, ancient African civilizations, amazing nature & exciting wildlife different from the usual African wildlife safari. Because of all these unique mixes of attractions & uncommon photography opportunities, travelling to Ethiopia is like travelling to multiple countries on one trip.




  • Combining the northern and southern parts of Ethiopia in the one photo tour is unique and not offered by many.
  • Shoot the beautiful and colourful part of the Danakil depression, the traditional salt excavation area, and the camel caravan.
  • Photography the natural landscapes of the Gheralta Mountains which are called by some travellers as the Ethiopian Arizona.
  • Photographing the endemic wildlife and endangered species of the Simien Mountains National Park – Ethiopian wolf, Walia ibex, gelada monkey, bearded vulture, etc.
  • Photograph the amazing churches of Lalibela – churches not constructed in the traditional way but hewn from the living rock of monolithic blocks and in continuous use since their construction in the 12th century.



  • Timkat commences after lunch in Lalibela. Timkat celebrates the divine ritual of the baptism of Christ in the Jordan River. The baptism is recreated in a colourful procession as the Tabot (model of the Ark of the Covenant) which represents Christ, is carried to the river for immersion. The water is then blessed and the ceremony continues with music, chanting and dancing.
  • This is a true photographic journey into the “best of the best” of Ethiopia’s Omo Valley, one of the most culturally rich tribal destinations on the African continent.
  • You will visit the villages of the Kara, Mursi, Ari, Erbore, Hamar, Dassanech, tribes to photograph their daily activities, stunning portraits, and timeless ceremonies.
  • In one trip you will have the opportunity to photograph the UNESCO cultural site of Konso, people planting crops, herding livestock, tribal dancing, hairdressing like you have never seen, body painting, wearing lip plates, wearing beaded skins and ornate necklaces, and with a little luck being involved in a bull jumping contest.
  • You will be accompanied by an experienced guide in Ethiopia. Our guides are the most experienced local guides in Ethiopia and have been the personal guide for numerous photo tours. They have also worked with some of the leading photographers in the world.  You will gain access to photographic opportunities that most others will not.



 For a full detailed PDF brochure on this adventure please complete the contact form below and I will forward it to you.

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