Remembering Rhino’s

I am proud to have been a contributor to the amazing Remembering Rhino publication.

This is the follow up to the incredible  Remembering Elephants project of 2016. The book Remembering Rhinos once again comprises incredible images generously donated by a large group of the world’s best wildlife photographers, each of which is united in their desire to make a stand against poaching and make any difference in any way possible. All profits will go to rhino protection projects via our special partner The Born Free Foundation This after a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign which pre-funded our production.

Images by – Wildlife Photographers United – BUY THE BOOK HERE

The Kickstarter Video



My Image that was featured in the publication is the image below

All of the images were on display in the La Galleria Pall Mall, Unit 30, Royal Opera Arcade, 5b Pall Mall, St. James’s, London SW1Y 4UY from the 30th October to the 11th November where members oath public could purchase the original image prints of those that appear in the book.

Well to say I was a happy camper when I received mine will be a huge understatement indeed. Notice the smile.



My image was purchased by Lisa Maric and her she is standing with the frame gallery image. All of these additional proceeds go to the same charity and for the protection of Rhino’s worldwide. Thank you, Lisa, for YOUR support.



And the final part of the project is the official video for the project that was complimented by the incredible band “Cold Play” who have allowed their music to be used. Please click, share and enjoy



I would like to thank Margot Raggett for the opportunity to be part of this project and make a small but integral part of the efforts in conservation of the incredible Rhinos.

To all of the other incredible photographers, well done.

Peace and Light Always – Andrew

Contributing Photographers

Theo Allofs, Andrew Aveley, Daryl Balfour, Stephen Belcher, Will Burrard-Lucas, Marina Cano, Ayesha Cantor, Mark Carwadine, David Cayless, Vladimír Čech Jr., Peter Chadwick, Marius Coetzee, Shem Compion, Alain Compost, Keith Connelly, Rob Cottle, Ross Couper, Willem Dekker, Peter Delaney, Michel Denis-Huot, Anja Denker, Mark Dumbleton, Morkel Erasmus, Denise Eriksson, Paul Goldstein, Chris Grech, Neil Aldridge, Jan van der Greef, Todd Gustafson, Hilary Hann, Roger Hooper, Britta Jaschinski, Brendon Jennings, Frans Lanting, David Lloyd, George Logan, Piper Mackay, Thomas Mangelsen, Johan Marais, Mike Muizebelt, Elliot Neep, Heinrich Neumeyer, Nick Newman, Hilary O’Leary, Marsel Van Oosten, Pete Oxford, Richard Peters, Michael Poliza, Isak Pretorius, Margot Raggett, Gurcharan Roopra, Angie Scott, William Steel, Jonas Stenqvist, James Suter, Greg du Toit, Marlon du Toit, Steve & Ann Toon, Hendri Ventner, Federico Veronesi, Tom Way, James Warwick, Shannon Wild, Steve Winter, Art Wolfe.