A Red Face Mousebird

One of the most attractive birds for me that I have managed to capture in flight at Zimanga in the last several months is this Red Face Mouse Bird.

Birds in flight are naturally next to impossible for me to capture as I am normally one of those professional Bird on a Stick photographers. I am learning however that there are certain ‘tells” that one can use to be a little more prepared for action.


The one that most comes to mind is when a bird ’empties’ the tank on a perch and within a short time normally takes of into the wind (or away from where you want it to) . I noted that these guys would fly from a tree to a nearby perch , wait a few seconds and then drift down to the drinking edge. They would drink for the count of 4 and fly away to the perch. They could repeat this 3 or 4 times in a sitting so gave me time to pre focus and snap a few frames.

The before and after photo’s of the image processed in the new DPP 4. A very powerful and simple raw convertor that comes free with ANY DSLR purchase.


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Peace and Light – AA