I recently went to a weekend outing of a photography group from Face Book’s  in the Southern Cape. They are very active in the Port Elizabeth area and are a great bunch of people. I have been a member for a while and it was a great experience to finally meet and chat face to face , a different perspective in photography. As with any good old fashioned ‘braai’ , a few cold ones were enjoyed and interesting subjects and ideas where discussed.

Perspective in Photography

The overcast clouds and FOG lifted and late into the evening it was decide that it was time for some of the members to use techniques discussed during the evening to the test. We all found some place along the rocks next to the ocean and went about shooting the evening skies. The most amazing thing for me was the joy and excitement on many of the faces as they captured some of there first Nocturnal Landscapes. 

Canon 5 MK D 2 / Lens – 15 mm F2.8 Fisheye / Focal length 15 mm / 30 sec / F2.8 / ISO 1600

I managed to shoot a few frames with my landscape lens and also decided to try my favorite ‘out the box’ lens , Da Fisheye . Using the back lighting from a nearby group of buildings , I was able to extend the exposure time a little for some foreground detail. There was a small yellow colour cast from the ambient light which I reduced in post processing , but some of the rocks have a very yellow coloring at low tide so it was no biggie for me. The composition was strengthened with the milky way escaping out the ocean and it was cool to also capture some of the phosphor in the distance from my position. The use of a fisheye is not one that can really add to many images but for me, this image was strengthened because of it and changes perspective in photography.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try things anywhere and with the equipment you have. Sharing is also a great way to learn and improve your knowledge, no matter what you feel your experience level is 🙂 Sometimes looking at life through a different perspective can give you some answers. Not all the answers make sense at the time but eventually you realize that there are some that never will…………. Peace & Light AA