After the recent blog post I did titled “Photographing the Chobe“, I received a number of interesting comments as to why my friends keep referring to me as “the Badger” and my activities as “mayhem”. I thought I would share a little insight as to the origins and reasons for these terms and the nick name…

Let’s start with an image and as they say , a picture says a thousand words.


In the beginning ,one gets nicknames from close friends and normally from some or other actions/behaviour.

I have not had many that have really stuck except for my time as a volunteer with NSRI Station 12 Knysna (sorry but what happens at Sea Rescue , stays at Sea Rescue). Over the last few years , the more apt “Badger” has for some reason stuck. There are rumours as to how this came to be so for now I will stick with my version .

For many years as a photographer , I have tried to find and photograph the elusive Honey Badger in Southern Africa.  Close on 9 years, nothing , nada , zip… and then I managed in the area of Satara in the Kruger to capture the image’s above and below. Some have also compared the effects on me from the amber liquid found in the infamous epic cold-one , is very similar to the effects that the venom of the Cape Cobra has on the Honey Badger… (well documented).





Others have commented that the ‘never say die’ attitude and not being afraid of any photographic challenge is also reminiscent of the Honey Badgers attitude .

Things  like altercations with lions and in getting that meal when it is hungry… Well you will have to be the judge one day on one of the epic trips I wish to share (selfless punt there). The last part of the colourful analogy would be the the term mayhem… the dictionary definition says:


Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 9.04.07 PM



But I have adapted the term to suit and embody my ‘badger’ personality.


To ensure fun, enjoyment and sharing in the epic quest for that perfect moment, light and, of course, the epic cold one . Again i think that an image can provide more to this definition that just words…


The Photographer and his Clients



Thanks for reading and taking the time to share my passion for putting not only the fun into photography but sharing the moment and light.


Peace n Light – AA