New Beginings

So , this is the first official blog post for me this  year of 2014 . Bit late you may say or think but always better late than never ….

The reason simply has been a refocus of many of my energies into various aspects of my working life and also the photographic journey I am on , has had some positive changes. The most significant and positive change personally was the decision to move into the professional photographic work arena and establish my own brand and start sharing my unique unrestricted approach to creating photography .

This new interactive website is the first of many new steps


So the site is not complete … I have left a number of galleries empty and will each week be filling them and releasing them so that you can keep up to date with all things photographic . More on that in the next post.

Thanks for the support and look forward to you spreading the word and sharing the passion of photography.

Peace & Light – AA