Mara life

As a wildlife photographer we all have things we would love to capture through the lens and Mara Life is one of my most favoured..

One of the most looked for, in my opinion, would be the “kill scene” or “moment”. It may sound  macabre to some, but that instant when life and death meet to feed the circle of life…A reality that is nature.




I captured this scene on sunday on drive in  the Maasai Mara , a mere 1o minutes from the camp. I had a lump in my throat after the adrenalin of the hunt and unbelievable speed of the chase. All the guests were in awe of the experience but one could see a little tear in the eye after the young female had the thompson gazelle in a final death grip .


A moment I will remember for a very long time and the Mara does not fail to show the circle of life…

Until the next Life in the Mara moment,


Peace n Light  – AA