Landscapes of the Mara

Any expedition that I embark on does not only focus on the main theme , for example the Chobe  and the blog I did on its landscape possibilities earlier this year.

This year with the Great Migration , my mindset was no different and I was incredibly inspired by the original scenes and light that presented itself in the Mara Triangle. The best reward was seeing the faces of the guests who do not normally focus on landscapes capture incredible moments and inspire them to add this genre to there portfolio.

The 5 images below reflect the ever changing scenes and light that one can find during this season in the Greater Maasai Mara . These are all personal images which reflect the moods and moments of original light that can be found at any destination.

Full Moon Dawn



Eluai Plains Apocalypse




Olarru Twighlight




Maasai Mara Sunrise




Olarru Fire Rain




All images above have been single exposures and basic processing in DPP and Lightroom . I used a CPL polariser on the dusk images to enhance to rich deep colours and exposure.

Thanks for taking the time to view and keep searching for that special moment

Peace and Light – AA

Andrew Aveley