Landscapes Canon 5DSR

So this is the third in the field practical review on this megapixel monster. Landscape photography in itself is an art and specialised genre of this passion and art we enjoy. I did not get many opportunities to test the camera to extremes but managed to get some beautiful and different images around the Southern Cape

The body and lens performance with landscapes Canon 5DS R

  • I paired this beast with my 16-35 MK II and the new 100-400 MK II (Compact Landscapes)
  • Battery life as before is quite good and I did not have issue with a full day in the field
  • The DR ( Dynamic Range) for me was a very impressive. This even contrary to many of the “Interweb Specialists”
  • Mirror lock up and the reinforce frame to absorb vibrations delivered sharp and crisp images
  • I used a standard carbon fibre tripod with a medium duty bullhead. This combined well with the camera as a stable platform
  • The In-camera cropping function was of great help and it forced me to think and develop “In Camera” compositions


All images are 90% full frame except for levelling and some minor crop. We will get to the advantage of the megapixels in a later post. The editing was done in Lightroom CC for ease of use and for the gallery upload. No NR has been added with main sliders, only for the colour smoothness and slight colour NR removal. Most of these images were taken with first series production model

As I said in the beginning, it would be a short and practical opinion of the Canon 5DSR. So as they say, you are the judge of the results.

Click on the image to be directed to a select gallery of the beauty of Southern Africa including a few “animal landscapes”