Landrover Magazine

I was approached in October 2015 for an interview and some images for the Landcover Magazine. It was a great opportunity for me to share a few of my images and to give my point of view of the current Professional camera systems from Canon.

The discussion was around the user-friendly 7D MK II DSLR combined with the pro lens100-400 MK II as the best entry level combination for the aspiring Wildlife and Nature photographers. I also discussed the use of the free Canon Digital Photo Professional image development software that is supplied free with all DSLR cameras purchased in South Africa. This is via download or from a physical disk in the packaging.

Being able to share my thoughts with a select number of people who love the outdoors and have an interest in photography is very rewarding.

Below is the cover and a few of the images and the Landrover Magazine October 2015

Peace and Light – AA


landrover magazine , interview with andrew aveley



Landrover Magazine article by andrew aveley



Landrover article Andrew Aveley


Landrover Magazine article by andrew aveley