When we experience things for the first time or even just enjoy something over and over with small changes , capturing photographic moments of these will always be unique if you spend a little time enjoying the moment.The land of Giants was just such an experience .

“The Matriarch ” – My most incredible experience captured in Monochrome.



On a recent trip to see a prospective work client , I visited a very good friend , Brendon “Bushiness” Jennings at a reserve he is based on in the Eastern Cape. He is a incredible photographer and guide and over the last several months has managed to form a relaxed bond with part of the herd of Elephants on the reserve which allows him very special moments and encounters . This interaction and play was incredible by two of the newest herd members.

” The Bully ”



One of my personal goals has to experience a quiet and close encounter with the African Elephant and he gracefully shared his world with me. I used my non intrusive Badger pole cam to get down low and within cm of these feeding giants WITHOUT stressing or provoking them. The image below shows a incredible feeding moment when the Elephant has ripped up vegetation from the soil and shakes all loose sand off before eating …….. INCREDIBLE.




A most incredible experience and thanks to Brendon for sharing this with me……. Dust baths and all we sat quietly as the herd moved around and continued feeding.

The top image will be on display at the Photo and Film Expo 2013 on the SAPP stand for professional photographers. Have a look and see some other incredible work by professional photographers in South Africa.


Peace and Light – AA