Kilimanjaro Nights

I am extremely passionate about the nocturnal landscape and you will find that on just about any safari or expedition I lead or am on, this is something I will do when ever possible.

So I posted this image on my Facebook Photography Page a while back and I thought I would share a little more about the image there . If you would like to stay updated on my adventures , please click and like !


Okay so this is my FIRST nocturnal panoramic image. I captured the frames in February this year while a dedicated multi destination photographic expedition to Kenya. I like to have a plan to capture images in the moment, even if I feel I dont have the knowledge (or a plan) to complete the post production at the time in the field, but better to save for a rainy day !.

What did I do:

  • Images captured with manual focus (to infinity)
  • Canon 5D MK III, 16-35 mm F 2.8 L MK II lens and Canon RC 803 Intervelometer
  • Redged Tripod, 428G and RNB 2 Ballhead
  • Manual Exposure, 30 sec, ISO 3200 @F2.8
  • Selected all 4 images in lightroom and opened it as a panorama in CS 5
  • Completed seamless panorama and corrected distortion
  • Saved as TIFF and edited in Lightroom
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Peace and Light AA