Hunting Serval

It is one of my favourite of the small cats . As I mentioned before I was really hoping to see one of these guys on my trip to the Great Migration  in the Mara Triangle in 2013.

Well , my guests and I were incredibly lucky to see 3 (three) of these great cats. In all three instances they were on the hunt and looking for a late breakfast. Photographically this guy was incredible as he stalked and cruised along next to our vehicle some 25 m away as if we didn’t exist.


Technicals Canon 1DX with 200-400 F4 L @ 560mm Shutter Speed – 1/3200 Aperture – F5.6 (subject far enough away to give great DOF) ISO 1000 – Due to changing light from overhead clouds giving incredible diffused light , I wanted a high shutter speed incase it stalked and pounced on a meal.

After a few more minutes , It then disappeared down a hole in the ground and we decided to leave it be and move on to see what else the day had in-store for us.


Peace and Light – AA   Andrew Aveley