Okavango Birdlife

Okavango Birdlife – The Delta was named as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa. The Okavango can be divided into a number of key habitats. The Main Okavango river, the Permanent Waters of the northern Region and the Drylands.

The delta also hosts over 400 bird species including the African fish eaglePel’s fishing owl. Along with Egyptian goose, African jacanamarabou storkcrested craneAfrican darter, hornbills, wattled crane, lilac-breasted roller, ostrich, hamerkop,  sacred ibissaddle-billed storkegretskingfisher and bee-eaters.

The summer or green season is considered best for birding. This is due to the presence of both migratory and resident species in breeding plumage.

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