Fuji Getaway Awards 2010

I have missed my weekly blogs of late due to some really interesting excursions and some pressing work deadlines……….but more about that another time 🙂

The photographic discipline of Wildlife  photography is one that I find extremely challenging and yet rewarding at the same time. Over the last six years we have visited some of our countries most beautiful wild places and captured some unique moments. I have been inspired by many of Southern Africa’s top wildlife photographers, some of which have personally shared their knowledge and encouraged me to keep shooting and improving my skills.  It is to them and my great family that I dedicate the following two awards I recently won.

The Fuji Getaway  Awards 2010 are one of the most prestigious photographic competitions in South Africa and this year was the first time I entered some of the images I have captured in recent times. This is a link to the winners galleries


It is with great pride I showcase two of my images that were selected and won awards in this years competition. The first, titled “Isolation” which won the Fuji / Getaway Award – Animal General Category.





This image was captured in the Kalahari and it was my first experience of a typical storm including rain and huge winds which brought dust clouds and debris from everywhere. I had been watching the huge herds of wildebeest and springbok charging around the pan. This single lone figure was walking away after being harassed by the other local territorial males. The image just captured the feeling of total isolation this wildebeest must have felt. I converted to Black & White to create mood and effect.

The second titled “Days End” which won a top 3 Certificate Fuji / Getaway Award – People in Nature Category.




This image was captured at Cape Agulhas, the Southern tip of Africa. I had been watching the clouds all day and was driving around looking for a suitable seascape. I came upon the well know wreck of the Meisho Maru 38. This vessel was wrecked in 1982 and has slowly broken up over the years.  I positioned myself with the setting sun behind the vessel and the dark clouds complimented the composition. It shows the sad effect man has had on nature in many ways and even now after this vessel is no longer harvesting from the ocean, it still effects our coastline with the wreck itself littering the shallow tidal waters. Only minor PS work was done to this image as i believe one must make every effort to capture scenes like this in camera.

Thank you for taking the time to view this blog. I hope that the future holds further success and I am able to share them with you

Peace and Light – AA