First Impressions – Canon 7D MK II

The first opportunity I had to hold this new DSLR was at the Canon Roadshow in Cape Town in November or 2014 . It was with an even greater anticipation after that brief introduction, that I waited to get the opportunity put it to the test in a really challenging environment. We why not convey my thought in some of the resulting images of my tests .

Location : Zimanga Private Photographic Reserve . Kwa-Zulu Natal

Test Criteria – ISO and Tracking ( Case 1 , single focus point and AI servo Focus Priority 1 & 2 )

Blue Light – After sunset , single spotlight and very happy guests with a young female leopard rest in in a maroela tree. Awesome focus ability in low light and pretty impressive IQ at ISO 1000 – DPP 4 Screen Shot


Rain Drops – A young banded mongoose quenches his thirst on a scorching day even while a slight drizzle falls. Pushing the iso in lowish soft light … Well  ISO 6400 is pretty impressive. Image photographed from the Behjane Hide  – DPP 4 Screen Shot


A Roller  – The go to bird for anyone learning to capture birds in flight . I am not great at it but it is made easy by this system  , it rocks – DPP 4 Screen Shot


Roadblock – Well in testing a static subject standing in front of the game viewer , only illuminated by the headlights , shooting at ISO 12600 was proof for me that I would rather get the image sharp and in focus with noise (MORE THAN ACCEPTABLE). YEs high ISO will limit the sharpness due to the sensitivity to light etc but worth it when you nail a moment you will cherish – DPP 4  Screen Shot


Having used the 5 D MK III almost exclusively as my primary body for the last 3 years I had a great expectations.Knowing the quality of Canon equipment , I was focused on mainly two things , the focus tracking system and ISO performance in low light . I was limited with time so had to look at these points so as to work out if it would compliment my existing body as a APS-C crop for a little more distance and quality.

To say that I am impressed is quiet the understatement . The menus and system work well for those accustomed to a 5D MK III or 1DX. It also feels very solid in your hands and is what I expected from Canon with this new market leader. For those interest , please feel free to post questions and comments below and I will happily answer them to the best of my ability.

Keep on shooting and creating your own photography – AA