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One of the great things for me is after returning from a workshop or bush adventure is to share some honest thoughts and receive feedback from my guests and also link to some of their great work created on the specific trip. I have decided that if they choose to take up the opportunity I will do a short post with words and links instead of my own trip report so that the most important point of view is shared, the photographer!

Collin traveled with his wife to Zimanga and even though the weather was against us, he captured some special images

Feedback from Colin with his thoughts and I thank him for them …


What!! Where is that? And what is that? Never heard of it.

That was my initial reaction and I must confess everyone I’ve spoken to since my trip had the same reaction. Shu!! Don’t talk too loud, because it’s the best-kept bush secret in the whole of South Africa.

As a Photographer and a wildlife lover, Zimanga blew my socks off. The photographic experience and the interaction with the wildlife on the reserve was an adventure I will treasure for the rest of my photographic days. Apart from the whole philosophy of the Senekal family for the establishment of the reserve with the intimate bird hides, and the game management ethos, the enthusiasm and professionalism engendered by our photographic mentor, Andrew, and our game guide/photographer Brendon was an unforgettable experience.

Andrew oozes energy and enthusiasm for wanting to part with his photographic knowledge and experience. While Brendon’s calmness closeness, intimacy and respect for the animals on the reserve tremendously enhanced the overall photographic adventure.

The accommodation at Nkonkoni Bush camp and the food prepared by Lee outstripped our expectations. All in all the whole adventure will stay with us as one of our most memorable experiences and congratulations must go to Pangolin for appointing such capable people as Andrew, Brendon, and Lee to facilitate the running of this photographic pantomime.

Kind regards,

Colin and Krysia


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Peace and light always – AA