dance with the Maasai

It could be the landscapes of namibia, the wildlife of the Kalahari, or just general street photography. I look at the bigger picture often and try my best to immerse my photographic self into a destination or environment on my travels I’ve had the privilege of meeting a number of interesting people and witnessing various african cultures that, along with the wildlife of an area, make for incredibly inspiring moments.

I am very proud of this article and recent feature in the Winter issue of the Sea Rescue Magazine. An organisation I have very close bonds to and one that I believe serves the public in an incredible way. I was given the brief to share my own personal feelings and experiences with a few images. Please follow the link and check out page 20 on the digital mag.


Please click on the image to a link to the digital online version of the magazine. If you feel the need , subscribe and contribute to a worth organisation who makes an incredible difference.

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Peace and Light – AA