Okay so here is what I took and what I used in this years Great Migration in Kenya. When I planned for this trip , i did have a slight advantage as after a visit earlier in the year (2013) . In saying this , it was still a huge difference to know the incredible migration would be there.
Bodies – My trusty 5D MK III (incredible all rounder and full frame machine) and the flagship Canon 1 DX (to field test).

Lenses – Canon 16 mm – 35 mm F2.8 L Mk II , 70 mm – 200 mm F2.8L Mk I and my trusty Canon 15 mm Fisheye and the magical Canon 200 mm – 400 mm F4 Ultra Zoom (Thanks to Canon SA for the loan of this )

Why – I am an avid landscaper (16-35) , and for those close encounter wildlife moments my mid range zoom (70-200) and for times when giving the animals there space , the zoom of the 200-400.



Goals – With this expedition , I tried to keep an open mind as to one specific photographic goal .  It is easier said than done with the sheer enormity of the Greatest show on earth , the annual migration . I did however want to capture the essence of the Mara with its big skies and incredible numbers of animals.


This was not easy and I struggled to find a suitable scene and moment to capture it for myself. During the “harsh hours” as some professionals refer to it , there is a very soft pastel blue with overhead clouds make for incredible skies.




For more information about personal and guided expeditions to Kenya , drop me a message from the contact  page with  details and your idea’s.
Peace and Light – AA