Canon RF 800 F11 Lens Full Review

Canon RF 800 F11 Lens Full Review – Over the last 12 months I have pushed this lens hard and have found it to be a incredible addition to my mirrorless bag.

BUYING AN CANON R7 ? Here is a great lens option – My personal Canon RF 800 F11 Lens Review for Bird & Wildlife Photography with images taken in the real world after pushing it very hard.

Canon lens quality and focal length of RF 800 F11 is perfect for African Bird & Wildlife photography and those wanting to join the mirrorless movement at an affordable level, especially when paired with the Canon R7. All images taken in South Africa and the Greater Kruger National Park.

The most affordable quality lens  long focal lenght lens for Wildlife and Bird photography in Africa for mirrorless Canon camera. Watch the review and images are all JPGS straight out of camera, only added in lightroom to show you the settings easily.

Canon RF 800 F11 Lens Full Review is not sponsored or paid for in anyway.

Image sample gallery from Youtube Video


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