Canon R 6 Images

Canon R 6 Images – As I have published before, I am doing a field test of the new Canon R6. Here are a series of images in my first full outing to do a test specifically on the auto focus and moving subjects.

I have included all the specifications of the Canon R6 system and settings for you to be able to see what I did. I will say that I made an error with the ISO and the shutter speed could have been a lot higher at ISO 100o

Canon R6 early production unit images on loan from Canon South Africa

Subject: Black dog
Location – Knysna, South Africa

Technical settings:

Camera – Canon EOS R Early production sample
Lens – Canon 200-400 plus 1.4 Built in extender
Aperture – F 5.6
Shutter Speed – 1/320
ISO – 200
Exposure compensation was +1
Shooting mode – AV (Aperture Priority)

Focus mode – A (auto)
Eye tracking on
Subject detection – Animals
Continuous AF
Frames in series – 66
Action – dog running from head on through to side on
Number of frames in focus – 66
Number of on dog head 41
Number of on body 19
Number of slightly off – 4

Post processing :

No cropping, in camera clarity (woohoo) and standard picture style – exported and sharpen for web with Canon Digital Photo Professional 4.

Canon R6 – Click on the image to enlarge and best viewed full screen.