Canon R6 Autofocus

Canon R6 Autofocus – Hello everyone! Here are the first real world images (screengrabs) of an early Canon R6 camera on South African soil by a non-Canon employee.

I have been privileged to be asked by Canon South Africa and Roger Machin, to give it a thorough workout . With our travel restrictions at the moment, I will be testing the R6 in Knysna, along the Garden Route, where I reside. I am at home in many different photographic environments so these are a diverse set of images not only of wildlife but actual day to day scenes I come across while out in the field

These are a few of the screen grabs of the raw files from the Canon R6 , unedited in anyway. The images are all screen grabs from Canon DPP and not the actual photos and for practical use and examples only. All actual images will be made available in my comprehensive video blog and review on my findings in about a week’s time.

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