Canon lack of noise

The final review I have considered doing on the two aspects of the new 5 D MK III was about canon lack of noise and performance at the higher ISO. Performance of my equipment at higher ISO settings it is an important tool in the getting maximum out of the low light situations I regularly find myself inNocturnal Landscapes , Wildlife and Live Music ) BUT  it is not the deciding factor of what or when to shoot but merely a tool to improve the final product for the viewer and of course ME ! The new improved system from CANON is exceptional and has added a new dimension to exposure boundaries in low light ! Unfortunately  , ” noise ” has become a seriously unhealthy obsession for some photographers out there and has been the main criteria they have used to rate image quality…..even above the real photographic facts like composition , exposure and subject mater. Don’t loose sight of these important criteria when getting out into the field !

To prove the canon lack of noise I did two separate tests……….the first being in a low light music studio with constant light and static subject. The room was light with 2 standard ceiling mounts lights and two wall mounted lights with basic editing and NR in lightroom. I was impressed with the performance and that you can really push the ISO to extremes.



CANON 5 D MK III – ISO 3200 , F5.6 , 1/30th sec



CANON 5 D MK III – ISO 6400 , F5.6 , 1/60th sec



CANON 5 D MK III – ISO 12800 , F5.6 , 1/125th sec



CANON 5 D MK III – ISO 25600 , F5.6 , 1/320th sec

The second test was to shoot at a live gig with below average stage lighting , smoke machines and dark auditorium . Due to the nature of the time available I concentrated on the images I needed but managed to snap this on a test ISO image. The lighting and colours in the stage area were very purple and red . The fact that this is more than useable on web work is awesome. I have made a print and am really happy with the result 🙂


CANON 5 D MK III – ISO 25600 , F2.8 , 1/640th sec @ 150 mm FL

I was not disappointed in the imagequality and compiled a slideshow of the images i submitted to the band . Thanks to RAF for the use of there title track ONE on ONE……..The majority of the images were shot on ISO 6400 and about 20% on 3200 when movement and positions of members was reasonably static. I have some at ISO 12800 and ISO 25600  as a comparative sample but got more than enough shutter speed at the ISO 6400 settings and image quality . Basic image editing and NR only. Camera settings on manual and varied but constant F2.8 aperture used…view the highest settings for optimal quality 🙂

I hope you found this interesting and get out there and capture life , one frame at a time – Peace n Light AA