Buffalo Ghosts

Buffalo Ghosts – In this short blog, I would like to share a “behind the frame’ brief with you.


This image, Buffalo Ghosts was captured from a underground hide in Madikwe.

What makes this hide different from any others I have visited is that It is located inside a well-established waterhole and not alongside. You also have 24hr access through an underwater tunnel that leads from inside the fenced lodge area. What makes this image for me, is the fact that there are NO floodlights facing the hide or protruding from above that could create shadows or a very artificial looking image.


Madikwe Private Game reserve , North West Province South Africa. An hour after sunset the magical nautical twilight provides a photographer with a pallet of light an shadows. This image was captured from within man made bunker in a waterhole. The animals can drink unhindered and also provided me with a magical point of view to capture their movement as the moved along the ridge



I had my camera mounted on a GIMPRO pano head inside the shooting window of the hide (1 of 6). I took a small led flashlight and shone it onto the tree to my left which is situated inside the waterhole to achieve focus with my lens. As soon as I was happy, I turned off the autofocus on the lens so as to be able to manually exposure the camera and not have the camera ‘hunt’ for the focus.

I waited for the buffalo to move onto the ridge and tripped the shutter hoping they would move along to come to drink water. By doing this over a long exposure it would create a ghosting effect and with the added reflection in the water, the image would be balanced.


I have a standard go too set for when I am shooting with a dark moon and don’t deviate to much. (yes I know it may give me some movement in the stars) I often use the 500 or 600 rule to calculate exposure but you can read more in this blog i wrote … READ HERE

Camera – Canon 5DS R  and Canon 16-35 F2.8 MK II

ISO 3200 | F2.8 | Manual | 30 Sec Exposure | White Balance 3800 K

Get out and keep #creatingphotography

Peace and Light – AA


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