Blue Leopard Moon

On a resent trip to Zimanga Private Game Reserve with Craig and Alison Langevad , we had an magic moment with this young leopard cub high up a tree with a fairly old Impala kill. At about 6 months old , pretty dam impressive skills for a cub.

No matter how we tried to position the vehicle to include a more creative pose with the moon , the surrounding bush did not allow it. Charl and Brendon made all the effort but in-vane. I chose to go a little wider with a mid range zoom lens and balance the scene and composition.




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I was field testing the new 7D MK 2 but had my 70D ready to go with video and some stills. As the light had faded and the moon had risen the blue hues where amazing. This did not make exposure easy so I left the camera in AV mode with a positive exposure compensation.

The results for some may be to blue , but I find it a great result with the setup and conditions.

Canon 70D
70 – 200 F2.8 MK 1 @170mm & F2.8
ISO 1000

Handheld on Gameviewer


Peace and Light – AA