I have decided to share the thoughts behind some of my favorite images……………..

Apocalyptic Quivers – The Frame

On a photographic adventure early in March, I travelled to Southern Namibia. One of the overnight stops was at the “Quiver Tree Forest “ just outside of Keetmanshoop. One of my goals was to capture a night scene with a Quiver Tree and the stars and Namibian night sky. The composition I had in mind included for a quiver tree, silhouetted against a bank of stars. After a ‘interesting” hike over a small rocky outcrop I started looking for a suitable formation. It was unfortunately not a clear night but I was not disappointed when I noticed a bank of clouds over Keetmanshoop about 25 km away .The outcrop I had negotiated earlier had a small group of Quiver trees on the ridge and I got a little excited……… Apocalyptic Quiver – the frame was captured

Apolyptic Quivers

Canon 5 D MK 2
Canon 16-35 mm MK 2
Focal Length – 16 mm
Exposure – 30 sec
ISO 1250
Remote release

I set up my trusty Canon companion 🙂 and found a suitable composition. I have some basic settings, which I use when photographing night scenes and experimented with two or three before settling on the ones I used. As with any long exposure, movement in the stars is always something I try and avoid to ensure a clean ‘nightscape’ but I sacrificed that here to enhance the movement in the clouds as they ‘emerged’ from the quivers. The light pollution of the ever-growing town was instrumental in the end result of this image as it created the red glow on the clouds.

Post processing was done in Lightroom 4 with a basic workflow in the develop module.

Enjoy every moment of your photography and get out there and capture the world, one frame at a time

Peace and Light – AA