Andrew Aveley Remembering Wildlife Prints

Remembering Wildlife Portfolio of Images by Andrew Aveley

Andrew Aveley Remembering Wildlife Prints

I am a proud contributor to the Remembering Wildlife series and a member of Wildlife Photographers United.

Below are 4 of my prints that are only available through the Remembering Wildlife Store. Click on each image to be transfer to the safe payment and order gateway.

Thank you for supporting this amazing cause and helping conserve our natural heritage by purchasing on of Andrew Aveley Remembering Wildlife Prints


Remembering Wild Dogs – The Next Generation.

Available soon for purchase

Andrew Aveley Remembering Wildlife Prints

Remembering Cheetah – Mara Motion

Remembering Lions – Pride of Fire

Remembering Rhino’s – Blue Moon Reflection

Remembering Elephants – Curiosity

Until now, prints from the books have only been available during the launch fortnight of each edition but now, we’re delighted to launch an on-going print sales site featuring more than 180 images from the series so far.

As a thank you to the photographers for their support over the years and in recognition of a tough few years for all, we’re sharing the profits for these prints with the photographer, so when you buy one, you are supporting both us and also your chosen photographer.

Remembering Wildlife is the collective name for the series of books created by British wildlife photographer Margot Raggett, who was prompted to take action after seeing a poached elephant in Kenya in 2014. She began asking fellow wildlife photographers if they would contribute to an exclusive book to raise funds. Their response was unanimous and Remembering Elephants, by ‘Wildlife Photographers United’ was published in September 2016. It consisted of images donated by 65 of the world’s top wildlife photographers.

It was an incredible success and a series began and since then, they have published Remembering Rhinos, Remembering Great Apes, Remembering Lions and Remembering Cheetahs. Printing is now complete for Remembering African Wild Dogs, which will be published on 6th November 2021.

All profits generated from our book sales, auctions and events is donated to projects protecting the species that the book is focused on. So far in total, we’ve distributed £848,000 ($1.1m USD) to 55 different conservation projects in 24 countries across Africa and Asia (read about them here). Unlike many other fundraising organisations, Remembering Wildlife is fully run as a business, not a charity (though we are fully registered with the Fundraising Regulator). That’s because we make our money largely through selling things. Unlike most charity models, we don’t ask you for donations (although we do accept them if approached) – we sell you something beautiful and promise that 100% of the profits after our costs go to conservation projects.

If you have any questions at all, please email us at

To celebrate the 5th anniversary since Remembering Elephants was first published,  we are launching an online print shop selling selected prints from the series. To keep things simple, we offer print only in just three sizes, all at a uniform price and to thank the photographers for their support, we’ll be paying them a fee for each print of theirs sold. Prints will be made and dispatched automatically by our supplier Loxley Colour.

You can also find out more about us on our  YouTube channel.