Amboseli National Park – Land of Giants and Landscapes

One of my life long goals has been to set foot in the Amboseli ecosystem . After reading and watching many documentaries one sometimes assumes you are prepped for what to expect when you one day visit it. Well I was blow away by the adversity and sheer scale of this incredible destination.

These are a few of my favourite images:


A footprint in the Lake


Elephants on the Marsh


 The Stallion


I had an experience of pure magic during even though I was there in a “professional” capacity sharing the journey with fellow photographers , there were moments where I could be with my own thoughts while moving from one area to another while my fellow photographers sat and had their own personal moments and experiences.

It is this exact fact that I wish more photographers would take in when going on a journey with a group or on their own. Photography is more than just shooting images for social media ,photography forums , what you are told to do by others or to keep up with the “leaders’ in a specific genre of photography. One needs to be unique and if you like the image ,you should be proud.



The Spirit of the lake


Tusker at Dawn

Gentle Giant…..

Tim – The Amboseli Giant

I was in awe and did at times think back to the past and to the terrible droughts and poaching between 2009 -2012 , the feelings of sadness and despair were overwhelming . Recently I found a online video on youtube that hit home and put all my emotions from my visit there  into perspective.


 More will be shared in the galleries associated with this incredible destination in the portfolio section.

Peace and Light – AA