A work in progress

In an ever changing digital world the issue of post processing in the digital work gives up many arguments and opinions. The fact remains , you will somehow be required to ‘develop’ your image for its eventual use.

The options , opinions , styles and techniques are as many in number as the photographers who shoot and discuss image development . For me I always try to keep things relatively natural and simple in my workflow as I enjoy the shooting and not the having to sit behind a computer for 2 hours working on a single image.

So with this in mind and my passion to create my own photography images , I have decided to look at three “levels” of development with my workflow , and have decide on the following:

  1. Natural Reality – Includes rich colours and use of existing light . (#NR)
  2. Anachronistic Moods – This includes the use of all types of monochrome , high key , low key and simple black and white. (#AM)
  3. Creating Photography – This will be where I express my creative colourful side and recreate old school colour films , split toning , selected image blur (manual DOF) and any ‘different’ technique’s  that I discover or re-develop. (#CP)

SO with this in mind , I would like your opinion on and image that I have worked with and would like to know which looks the most natural . Each image captured in early morning epic light and golden glow was intense.


Image 1


Image 2



Image 3

IMAGE technical details :

Canon 1DX

200-400 F4 with built in Convertor engaged @ 560 mm

White Balance manual 5100 K|  F 5.6  |  1/1250th  |  ISO 1600

Please add your comments below and I look forward to improving my skills and sharing images that represent my planned styles.


Peace and Light – AA