A Hippo and the Harvest Moon

Ever wondered why the moon when it rises is sometimes red or a bit yellow … well its due to strong signal strength of these colours in the light spectrum as they travel futher from there source vs the blues and greens which fall away. Also pollution in the atmosphere at sunset when a moon rise occurs adds a natural filter at times.

It is also known in places as a harvest moon so it was awesome to capture a hippo while grazing quietly with an incredible backdrop .





This is a single exposure with the aid of our game vehicles lights on dim . No creative manipulation of a composite of two shots is always needed to capture natural beauty . I exposed with manual metering on the moon and adjusted the settings to get a usable exposure across the whole frame.

Keep things simple and get the basics right and you can get what you want out of your camera , no matter what model or level of pricing !

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Peace and Light – AA