A cheetah , yeah right…..

Earlier this year I spent a magical few days with friends in the Kalahari. We followed this guy for about and hour until he moved onto this ridge above a river bed to search for a meal. Below is a little behind the scenes info about how we found this chap…….

Vantage Point


While sitting at a water hole , one of the party needed to answer a call of nature…..

As the rules of a national park are such that you may not alight from the vehicle , one runs the risk of dampening the seats in your vehicle. To this end , the vehicle door was opened and after careful scouting we declared the coast clear…..( open space with no vegetation) .

The said needy individual stood on the side of the vehicle hard pressed against it to be “one” with ‘ the mass of metal work and slowly relieved the pressure ( said person DID not walk away out into the bush)……After the required banter about things that could happen , the speed of the activity soon sped up and the words ” O Shit ” were heard.

Mission aborted and said individual melted back into the vehicle saying , theres a cheetah……….After laughing and not falling for the joke , we went silent as about 100m away we saw the cheetah above walking across the sand track from behind a dune……

So I dedicate this post to said person and please , don’t take silly risks out in the wild .

Peace and Light – AA